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Policy Traffic Switch
The challenges facing fixed and mobile Internet providers are distinctly different from those faced by enterprises or other large organisations. The network itself is vastly different in terms of scale, trust and operational restrictions; the users have different demands and expectations, and the mix of traffic is much more diverse. Only products and solutions designed exclusively for service providers can hope to effectively address the real-life complexities that they face.

Sandvine is dedicated to offering solutions that increase network profitability, while improving the experience for the subscriber. The platform on which these solutions are delivered is the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS), a powerful traffic inspection and network policy control device that provides the tools necessary for network operators to achieve a wide range of business objectives across multiple functional teams.

Service Definition Manager
Deploying a new service or traffic optimisation policy should be a simple step. Service providers are interested in delivering new subscriber services without worrying about the behind-the-scenes network element configuration required to do so. This can be done in a simplified service creation with the Sandvine Service Definition Manager.

Sandvine allows service providers to rapidly create, edit and deploy service policies across all of the Sandvine elements in their network. Regardless of the operational goal, the implementation is consistent. Whether the objective is to alleviate network congestion, create defenses against malicious network traffic or mark traffic for specialised handling by other network elements, the process is the same.

Once the service policy is created, the final step is to deploy it to the network. Deployment pushes the policies to the associated elements after which the policies begin to actively work with the traffic on your network.

Service Delivery Engine
Implementation of new services is done with Standards-based Network Policy Control. Subscribers are demanding more from the online environment. Regardless of devices chosen, location of the end user, or time-of-day, there is a collective expectation for reliable access to the applications with which subscribers have become inseparable.

Sandvine's Service Delivery Engine is a single, access-agnostic platform that manages service delivery according to flexibly-configured, customised policies that take user entitlements, network conditions and traffic type into account. The result is dynamic bandwidth control on a per-user, per-application basis for services like video streaming, interactive gaming and VoIP.