Core 2 Africa

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks offers a portfolio of products associated with the provision of routing, switching and security services. Below is a list of Juniper products that Core2Africa will resell:

IP/MPLS Infrastructure:
Juniper is the leader in high performance IP/MPLS routers which include the T Series, M Series and MX Series platforms and high performance switches which include the EX Series.

T Series Core Routers:
The T Series, core routers are the industry's leading IP/MPLS core routing platform, scaling from 320 Gbps up to 1.6 Tbps in a single chassis and up to 25 Tbps in a multi-chassis system.

M Series Multiservice Edge Routers:
The M Series Multiservice Edge Routers combine IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability, stability, security, and service richness.

These network routing platforms allow enterprises and service providers to consolidate multiple networks into a single IP/MPLS infrastructure.

MX Series Ethernet Services Routers:
The MX Series Ethernet Services Routers provide high port-density network routing and switching for service providers and enterprises.

Deployment applications include high-density Ethernet LAN and data center aggregation, data center core, metro Ethernet aggregation and core, and Ethernet services edge.

EX Series Ethernet Switches:
The EX Series Ethernet Switches deliver high-performance, carrier-class solutions built to meet the needs of today's converged branch-office, campus, and data center networks.

SRX Series, High Performance Services Gateways:
The carrier grade high performance SRX platforms provide unrivalled security performance and the versatile ISG series provides full virtualisation capabilities supported by comprehensive functionality.